New York Times Review by Carmen Maria Machado by Danielle Lazarin

It's still an out-of-body experience to type this, but BACK TALK got a brilliant review by Carmen Maria Machado in this weekend's New York Times Book Review. A taste:

"I loathe the word “polished” in the context of prose. It’s too clinical, implying that the work was dull before the author intentionally spruced it up. So I’d prefer to say that the sentences in these stories are living and seamless, as if Lazarin had run her hand over them until they became smooth and gleaming with the evidence of her touch. Yet they are not without viscera; sublimated rage fills the crevices between them."

It's part of a special book review issue on women, and Machado is a thoughtful and generous reader who made me feel like the book was truly seen. I'm so grateful for her words on this book. Online now, in the print edition on March 25, 2018.