A Writer's Insight: Interview with The Southern Review by Danielle Lazarin

I am not only lucky enough that The Southern Review published my story, "Floor Plans" in their gorgeous and brilliant summer issue, but that Kathleen Boland asked me great questions about New York stories, liminal spaces, and the weirdness of publishing your first book. 

Interview here. 

Roundtable on Flash Fiction at Copper Nickel by Danielle Lazarin

Over at Copper Nickel's website, I talk flash fiction (what is it? who knows?! why do people like it? who knows?!) with Joseph Aguilar, Patricia Colleen Murphy, & Alicita Rodríguez, all contributors to Copper Nickel's flash-focused Spring Issue. You can also read my story, "Back Talk" online at the site. Check it out. 

"The shorter my word count, the more I think about what I can get away with not writing down while aiming to say as much as I would in a story two or ten times as long. For me, this is when flash can fail, if it doesn’t aim to say as much, if the writer gives themself an out because of word count. Never give yourself an out."

Read more here. 


Story in The Southern Review's Summer Issue by Danielle Lazarin

Thrilled that my story, "Floor Plans," will be included in the Summer 2017 issue of The Southern Review. 

True tale: The Southern Review gave me one of my earlier lit mag rejections back in 2006 or thereabouts. Editor Bret Lott, who was at the magazine at the time, came to visit my MFA program at The University of Michigan, and he brought a small stack of rejection slips with him to hand out to us in advance as a joke. I mailed it in with my work (yes, we sent things by mail those days), sending the slip back to them so they wouldn't have to waste it. And back it came, but with a really kind note. Moral of the story: keep trying; maintain sense of humor.