"I loved how the stories forced me to confront my own bias and my own prejudice that comes from a lifetime of reading women portrayed as too emotional, irrational, or as other types that are easy to dismiss. As I read each of these stories, I saw the way I expected the plot to go, and then marveled at Danielle’s refusal to take the easy way out."
–Caroline Donahue

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"I wrote and revised many of these stories with the sort of anger she describes, that low-level fury that exists in part because we are told as women that our fury isn’t worthy of being a story, that we shouldn’t ask for more, that we should be happy to have what we’ve been given as women, any voice at all, any space."

THE SOUTHERN REVIEW with Kathleen Boland
In conversation about my story, "Floor Plans" which appears in The Southern Review's Summer 2017 issue and on Literary Hub"Both women’s situations and choices couldn’t be farther apart, yet they need a lot of the same things: company, distraction, an illusion that they will be OK on the other side of something quite unpredictable."

PLOUGHSHARES with Cary Barbor
"I spent so long writing stories that were called “domestic,” which quite frankly I used to take as an insult. Now I’m annoyed at my former self for taking it as an insult."

MIDWESTERN GOTHIC with Carrie Dudewicz
"I thought a lot about the conflation of the feminine with intimacy and care taking — women often don’t ask for the intimacy they are in, and are assumed to be comfortable in it, when of course many of us are not — and so it seems natural that many of the characters in my stories find themselves in deeper than expected."

COPPER NICKEL: A Brief Symposium on "Flash"
In conversation about flash fiction with Joseph Aguilar, Patricia Colleen Murphy, & Alicita Rodríguez. Moderated by Angela Bogart-Monteith & Taylor Kirby