Conversations and Other Writing

A Writer's Insight: Interview with The Southern Review

In conversation with Kathleen Boland about my story, "Floor Plans." 

A Brief Symposium on "Flash" 

In conversation about flash fiction with Joseph Aguilar, Patricia Colleen Murphy, & Alicita Rodríguez at Copper Nickel.

Moderated by Angela Bogart-Monteith & Taylor Kirby

Becoming A Mapbuilder

Essay, Glimmer Train Bulletin #121

Every writer has those stories and books that make you want to cry uncle, that convince you that the stories you want to tell have been told before, and better. 

Crowded Geography: An Interview with Brittani Sonnenberg

Home Leave refreshes form and voice with every chapter, each one a stunning act of disorientation and re-orientation that takes us deeper into the hearts and histories of the Kriegstein family as they relocate and settle with varying degrees of enthusiasm and trepidation.

Unanswered Questions: An Interview with Dan Chaon

While his stories often hinge on the morbid and unusual, readers don’t have to work hard to suspend disbelief; ultimately, Chaon’s work doesn’t strive to show us the freakishness of his characters’ worlds, but the familiarity of them.